Wednesday, May 20, 2015

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I have two types of videos in my channel. I make videos of important events of my life/places I've traveled to (budd mostly just random videos) and covers with my sister.

We make covers for fun, as a hobby, nothing serious hehe. Ever since I moved to Singapore I haven't been active but I'll do better this year hehe These are the two covers we made..

1) Megan Trainor - Lips are Moving

2) Bastille - Pompeii

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Ciao <3

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Marry A Guy Who...

As you grow deeper into a relationship, u start noticing your partner's flaws. He/she tends to be a different person than you knew before but that doesnt change how much you still love them. The reason of your love for them and the reason of staying faithful will also change in time. By then you realize, it doesn't matter if they are charming, beautiful, matured, romantic, funny or any other ideal traits you can think of. For me, what i find most important in a person is that, they must be someone who loves you for who you are, someone who shows how dedicated and committed they are to you and someone who is afraid of losing you..

Being in a relationship is not all fun and games, not something to be taken lightly but seriously. A relationship must have a goal in order to stay strong. Being in a relationship doesn't mean its perfect, no fights no disagreements; that kind of relationship does not exist. Unless, ironically.. its not a healthy relationship whereby your partner is not honest with you, and whenever there's a problem they keep things to themselves and never wanting to share it with one another. Sometimes, the more disagreements u have, the more u grow closer together and understand each other, now that's a 'perfect' relationship.

Sometimes im very tempted to post events or pictures of me and my bf on social media like everywhere we go and everything we do together, but its very unnecessary after awhile cuz why would you want people to know what you're doing or where you are. Just enjoy the time and every moment spent with your other half, it doesnt have to be documented religiously on facebook or instagram. I mean once in a few dates is fine but not everything you do at every second or time. You dont need society to judge your relationship, it's only for you to know and experience. 

Moving on....

A few days ago i read this quote, it made fall more in love with Sam. And i realize he was everything that was written on it. I knew from the time we started as a couple, that we are going to marry one day. This even made me more stronger to keep up the relationship and make it grow, together with him. I have no regrets meeting him and talking to him when we met for the first time. He is a blessing, and even though he is a difficult person, he is still the one I choose to marry. Regardless of what his past was, i will still love every.single.part of him. He will be better overtime i just know it. I love you my Samuel Tan Boon Han, always and forever. Counting down to our second year of being together<3

Ciao :3

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

"I love lying next to you
I could do this for eternity
You and me—we're meant to be
In holy matrimony
God knew exactly what he was doing
When he led me to you.."

One of my fav song this month <3 Simple and yet meaningful. Enjoy :3

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!(i know its already the 15th today but what the heck.. haha) 14th Feb 2014 marks our 1 year anniversary and it still feels like when we just met. I love you so much sweetheart :* hehe

Ciao ~

Monday, February 3, 2014


Been having a lot of problems and mishaps trying to upload this video to Youtube. First it was the movie maker, next was the copyright problem, then suddenly my video doesnt play in Youtube, to make it worse, I accidentally pressed 'disliked' on my own video. YES I DID -.- And then I posted on fb with the Youtube link so many times but every time I do, there's always a problem(so embarrassing), I wasn't satisfied with the video quality of the first attempt because I took a video of a video with my phone; windows movie maker failed to make my file into a movie file. It was so blur so I decided to buy a better movie maker. When I finally got one, I did the whole video from scratch and uploaded it to Youtube which took ages, like half the day! I even left my laptop on before I left my house because it was taking so long. When it was uploaded I realized that there was a copyright problem and plus my video was taken down for awhile BUT I HOPE ITS REALLY WORKING NOW UGH. Never have I felt so annoyed in my life just trying to get one simple video to be uploaded. I really enjoyed making this video and I just wanted to share it to you guys.. With enough blood and sweat for the efforts I took to make this 5 minute video, I'm proud to present you a family video with the song Who You Love by John Mayer ft Katy Perry. Please like and subscribe if you would like to follow up with my random videos. There will be more in the future I hope:) Anyways, enjoy~

ciao <3

Thursday, January 16, 2014

2014 A Brand New Year :)


Been back here since last week..

I'm about to reach to the end of my annual leave, two weeks have almost come to an end :( I wish I could relax longer..

But after I came back to SG, mummy came with me too! :D We had a blast, showed her Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, the Helix Bridge, the Merlion, Gardens by the Bay, met my bf''s grandparents and his mum :)

How was my break so far? IT WAS AWESOME. Went back to Kota Kinabalu where I call home, and YES me and Sam really enjoyed the limited time we had there. First thing when we went back home, we celebrated my sis' birthday and also surprised her by bringing her bf Brendon along :) She was very surprised!

We stayed in kk for less than a week but we went to many places to show Sam around :3 hehe Brought him to my uncle's restaurant Apiwon, to see my grandpa, visited my grandma's grave, went for Mass where my Uncle Cosmas was doing the service there, and we also went to Kundasang hehe

Desa Factory

Sabah Tea Plantation

Pine Resort

National Park

 Where we remade a picture we took there years ago :)

And we stayed and Perkasa Hotel

The view of Mount Kinabalu :)

I also went to Mr Lim's tuition center - Xceleration where I used to work two years ago. Was so happy to see some of my colleagues and teachers there. Only had the chance to take pictures with my O lvl Biology teacher Dr Hew and also not forgetting my ex-students little Nicole and Brendon (both Mr Lim's children) - arent they adorable?:)

Hmmm.. So much has changed ever since I last left home last Feb 2013. My sis has a boyfriend now, they are like sooo in love - CONGRATS! She also has her driving license and I'm very afraid to be on the passenger seat even though she officially can drive.. (haha! sorry alet ;P) Still love you though <3 hehe

Twinsies for the day~

ANDDDD my father's new house in Tuaran is almost done(picture below); very soon my family will be moving there :) 


Since I was back home, my family and I along with Sam decided to plan for my future with him. And I'm so glad we have finally came into an agreement! Im the type of person who loves to plan things, especially about the future. But planning doesn't mean IT HAS to happen, its just a guideline to life like how you make drafts and write important points before you complete an essay. Its the same thing, it doesn't always end up with the story you want it to be but it guides you to probably even a better story!:) I'm planning to stay with my job for another 5 years now while saving up some money with Sam. By the fifth year we roughly counted our savings and its going to be more than enough for us to survive when we move back to kk. How we can reach our savings target? Simple, the currency exchange of SGD to RM is quite high (2.5 now) and plus I'm a 'bumiputera' - so you feel up the blanks ;) hehe

People are probably thinking I'm crazy for thinking of the future with Sam now, but let me ask you.. If you dont start now, then when? Yes. I'm still young, I'm going to turn 22 this September and if I never thought about this then where is this relationship leading me to and also I would probably carry on this thought 'I'm too young to think of the future' until I'm in my thirties or worse the forties. I dont think thats a good idea ya? I'm planning to get married before I turn 30 too, so now is an ideal time to think of the future :)

Next question is, how about our future career in KK? I'm planning to start a little Day Care in our future home while Sam opts to go for a more simple career like giving English tuition; you'll be surprise his English is really good, much better than mine! Its really a simple job and come to think of it, if we manage to get more students of course we can earn more but we will think about that in detail later. No rush but this is just a rough idea. I dont know what you guys are thinking but I'm very excited to see the outcome!

After giving my future a little thought, I can work now with a purpose in mind. To save save save money! It gives me a motivation to go to work. I dont have to drag myself to work not knowing why I'm doing this. Why sacrifice so much for no purpose right? I'm actually looking forward to work. Hit me! I'm ready for ya! hehehe

As for marriage? News about that will come out much later. But definitely within these five years. That's a little clue ;) hehe That's all the updates I have for now. I have two more days to enjoy my leave. But nevertheless I had a good break. Till next time!